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Ep 877 Hour 1: Franklin Graham Is Not Quitting America

Rev. Franklin Graham says he’s quitting the GOP. But what a the headlines miss is that he says he’s not trying to lead an exodus from the GOP but rather to call attention to the need for prayer and Godly leadership. It got David thinking about following God’s call for each one of us and the future of America.

Franklin Graham is quitting the GOP, but not to quit on the nation, but rather to do what God has called him to do - that’s what his conscience demands.

What is God calling you to do? America needs saving. Find your calling and do it to exhaustion. If it’s political activism - be like Voni Strausser - Patriot Connectors. Or Bill Leandri - Act for America

Or Virginia from Greely, who’s always listens to the show and asks “what can I do?”

If it’s Vets, be like Kerry Schemfenig and invest in things like VETERANS Multi-Care Alliance or Gene Talarico who teamed with Marley’s Mission to give with Equine therapy to vets with PTSD

If it’s charity, be like John Gleason? From the Keystone Rescue Mission Alliance. From board member to executive director he’s doing what God laid on his heart.

Pro-life?  Be like Kenn Anderson, Wendy Heffinger or Laura Squire (Care Net). Or Barbara Yanchek, vigilant defender of unborn and recently born but not yet receiveing the love God intended for them. She prays and writes letters, jealously guarding the words God gives her.

Anti-Washington, maybe Article V is for you.

You will know because it resonates with your spirit. Not because it makes you happy, but because it comes with God’s peace.  Allow yourself to be consumed by the passion God gives you.


In 2016 I’m going to be doing something else that God has called me to.  You needn’t worry because 94.3 FM The Talker, although they didn’t want me to go, is making sure you have an entertaining, educational and inspirational morning program. Bill Bennett’s Morning in America.