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Ep 876 Hour 1: When $2,500 Savings Is $4,865 Expense

The Washington Cartel is wishing Ted Cruz a Happy Birthday (and raising money from you to boot)

Sen Rand Paul says Sen. Ted Cruz wants it both ways, but saves his worst criticism for Rubio: I Can Still Work With Cruz In the Senate, Not So Much With Rubio.

Number of views of ‘Cali’ at library: zero  Paul Sorvino, when he was making the film: “I’m an artist trying to do a beautiful thing and trying to combine it with a beautiful city that I’m so fond of,” and when he couldn’t distribute the film, blaming local media for bad press: “I’m so sorry I ever made the movie. I’m so sorry I ever did.”

Health Premiums Have Climbed $4,865 Since Obama Promised to Cut Them $2,500. ObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber told Obama in 2009 there we no cost controls (he told Hillary the same thing in 1993) and that a “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.”

Donald Trump wants an apology, but David wants to know if Clinton Will Apologize to Muslims for suggesting radicalization is one Trump Video away? Does she think Lutherans can be radicalized by Trump Videos? Why so little faith in #ReligionOfPeace?

And then of course there is the real ISIS recruitment video that features her husband - the fornicator, and gay marriage.