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Ep 875 Hour 1: Washington Cartel

Is "Chuck” Schumer Trolling GOP Leaders on Spending Bill By Democrats Success? Nancy Too?

How bad is it?  Omnibus Bill Nixes School Choice; Congress Continues to Send Children to Elite Private Schools

Gov. Wolf went into the weekend full of bluster again, claiming he had the votes on the Budget. He didn’t.  He also couldn’t get a single vote from Dems in the House on Pension Cover-up. Sen. Majority Leader Jake Corman on PA State Budget: “The whole House Democratic caucus abandoned the governor. I’ve never seen that happen. And half of the Republican caucus abandoned their leadership.”

Sophisticated Trump and Trump 2.

James May from Penn DOT joined David to talk about road construction and major public policy.

Ex-Host Steve Harvey Leaves Contestants, Audience Mystified With ‘Horrible Mistake’ in Final Moments of Miss Universe Pageant