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Ep 873 Hour 1: Cruz Tames Trump

Jeb! thought he was Agent 86 with his attack on Donald Trump as the KAOS Candidate. David was expecting him to pull off his show and call Agent 99 for backup. 

Yesterday David told listeners that the media now realizes that Sen. Ted Cruz Is Now The Most Likely To Win GOP Primary. He also pointed out that Cruz is invulnerable to media attacks (and Trump attacks?) because Cruz built his campaign on their attacks.

The Debate last night provided additional evidence for the doubters. David pointed out that Tea Partiers should be very proud of their accomplishments as the three front runners are non-establishment candidates: Trump, Cruz, Rubio. The second tier is also non-establishment candidates: Carson, Rand, Christie.  The establishment candidates are left making unintentional Get Smart references.

POLITICO’s KATIE GLUECK on Monday said: Cruz must attack Trump! By Tuesday night after the debate she had changed her tune and said, in story headlined Cruz gives Trump no opening to attack, “It was the slugfest that wasn’t.”