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Ep 874 Hour 2: Was AG Kane Of Arc Part Of The Porn Email Ring?

Hillsdale’s Michael Clark joined David to talk about the possible lifting of restrictions on oil exports in the new budget. Lettuce ‘three times worse than bacon’ for the environment, scientists claim. Gov. Wolf has less than 5 hours to get the votes he needs to raise your taxes, or schools will close.Bob Courtright and Marty Wolff joined David in the studio to talk about mentoring.  

Ep 874 Hour 1: Conservatives Divided on Cruz's Trump Strategy

Gov. Wolf has less than 6 hours to get the votes he needs to raise your taxes, or schools will close.Conservatives are unhappy/ happywith Ted Cruz’s Trump Strategy and David Jack Welch feeling the love for Sen Ted Cruz. Fed Tax deal a Lose-Lose for Conservatives, doles out year-end goodies for NASCAR tracks, racehorses, college students. POLITICO says conservatives hate the deal, but respect Speaker Ryan’s process.  Prosecutor: AG Kane of Arc, sister received emails with objectionable content, allegations confirmed by Kane of Arc while being denied in email release.

Ep 873 Hour 3: And The Winner Is...

Cruz talks to Tapperabout his immigration policy and Rubio, on the defensive lost the debate both in the short term and the long term.This is because Cruz continues to execute his Prov 26 fool strategy. Van Jones. Six Flags and KDC Solar seeking to deforest 70 acres of pristine Pine Barrens forest TO PUT IN SOLAR PANELS.

Ep 873 Hour 2: Global Teacher Prize Nominee Michael Soskil

Michael Soskil, Wallenpaupack Elementary Science Teacher, is in the Top 50 for the Global Teacher Prize. Sen. Rand Paul diminished himself by STUPID use of false liberal trope: Rand Paul Hits Chris Christie on Bridgegate Scandal at DebateCruz with TapperNOT analyzing the debate, but staying on message and executing his Prov 26 fool strategy. CONGRESS DUMPS TAX EXTENDERS, $1.1 TRILLION OMNIBUS ON LAWMAKERS, AMERICAN PEOPLE AT 2 AM

Ep 873 Hour 1: Cruz Tames Trump

Jeb! thought he was Agent 86 with his attack on Donald Trump as the KAOS Candidate. David was expecting him to pull off his show and call Agent 99 for backup. Yesterday David told listeners that the media now realizes that Sen. Ted Cruz Is Now The Most Likely To Win GOP Primary. He also pointed out that Cruz is invulnerable to media attacks (and Trump attacks?) because Cruz built his campaign on their attacks.

Ep 872 Hour 3: Cartwright Gets A Challenger

Matt Connelly is running for Congress(again) against Rep. Matt Cartwright. David and Matt talked earmarks, ObamaCare, the Economy, jobs and national security/terrorism. David asks @PaulCiliberto what he would pay for a can of fresh airon @Thunder102 Obama and conservatives find something to agree on - Obama’s going to Cuba forin 2016. POLITICO marvels at Cruz’s successful strategy vis-a-vis Trump, recommends he reverse NOW if he wants to win

Ep 872 Hour 2: Keeping Social Media Safe For Terrorists

To catch a terrorist: Secret US Policy Blocks AgentsFrom Looking at Social Media of Visa Applicants, Former Official Says. We don’t know anything about our Syrian refugee visa numbers.Gov. VetoWolf about to get his way on PA Budget.Louis Petolicchio from COOLon the civil rights of visa applicants(non-citizens). He says follow the money. Citizens United was supposed to usher in corporate ownership of the political process, but the dirty little secret was that the process was already controlled by big money.

Ep 872 Hour 1: Cruz Is Now The Most Likely To Win GOP Primary

Gov. VetoWolf says he’s done negotiating on PA budget, demands House capitulate. Oh good. Now I feel better. Pakistani Amb.: Don’t Worry, Extremism Will Be ‘Completely Eliminated’ in Months The establishment (Chris Cillizza in WaPo) can see the white’s of Cruz’s eyes, but what will they do about it? Like Trump (and the blob), Cruz is invulnerable to media attacks(and Trump attacks?) because Cruz built his campaign on their attacks.

Ep 871 Hour 3: Does Trump Have An Obama Complex?

Obama continues to flaunt American’s concerns about immigration and terrorismand go it alone on Climate Change.Liberal Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley reminds liberals that Trump is just the other side of Obama when it comes to his authoritarian ways. Andrew Staub writes at PA Senate expands wine sales to private retailers, but leaves liquor locked up. Senator Ted Cruz’s sub-committee on Space, Science and Competitivenessheld a hearing and invited Mark Steyn.

Ep 871 Hour 2: Does Scarborough Have A Cruz Crush?

David invited listeners to suggest titles for the AG Kane of Arc movie. His is The GodMother. Melanie suggested Citizenress Kane. Speaker Ryan is trying to simultaneously steer and repair the unwieldy ship that Boehner built.Is Joe Scarborough developing a Ted Cruzcrush? Cruz on fighting ISIS, 2016, Rubio, Trump Sen. Ted Cruztakes off his campaign hat and puts on his analyst hat- and David says that’s a no-no.