The David Madeira Show Archive

This is an archive of The David Madeira Show, a political talk show which aired on 94.3FM The Talker.

Ep 877 Hour 3: PA Budget Crisis Continues

PA State Rep Aaron Kauffer joined David in the studio to talk about the PA Budget. What David would tell you if he were here in 2016: Don’t attack allies - remember that each one of us has a unique calling and do your best to understand where they are coming from. Disagree by degrees. Pray for discernment and remember that the FB argument you are having will likely not convert the person you are arguing with, but it’s being watched by those you disagree with.

Ep 877 Hour 2: Economics Of State Competition

Hillsdale College’s Gary Wolfram, the longest running regular call-in guest on The David Madeira Show, joined David to talk about the economic wisdom of the Founding Fathers in making states compete for citizens. What I would tell you in 2016 if I were here. Choose the opportunity that lets you be most like Jesus - not the Messiah, but the servant. Learn from those that irritate you the most.

Ep 877 Hour 1: Franklin Graham Is Not Quitting America

Rev. Franklin Graham says he’s quitting the GOP. But what a the headlines miss is that he says he’s not trying to lead an exodus from the GOPbut rather to call attention to the need for prayer and Godly leadership. It got David thinking about following God’s call for each one of us and the future of America. Franklin Graham is quitting the GOP, but not to quit on the nation, but rather to do what God has called him to do - that’s what his conscience demands.

Ep 876 Hour 3: When Subsidies Make Things More Unaffordable

FEE’s Jeffrey Tucker joined David to talk about why you can’t work your way through college anymore- it’s all about the subsidies. Tapper auditions as late night talk show host: ‘Who Hasn’t Yelled out the Wrong Name at an Inappropriate Time?” ABC not so family. Dependence Rising.

Ep 876 Hour 2: When Gay Marriage Is An ISIS Recruitment Tool

David wants to know if Clinton Will Apologize to Muslimsfor suggesting radicalization is one Trump Video away? Does she think Lutherans can be radicalized by Trump Videos? Why so little faith in #ReligionOfPeace? And then of course there is the real ISIS recruitment videothat features her husband - the fornicator, and gay marriage. Byron York: The facts on Rubio, Cruz, and immigrationRules of Engagement turned into the Chains of Defeat.

Ep 876 Hour 1: When $2,500 Savings Is $4,865 Expense

The Washington Cartel is wishing Ted Cruz a Happy Birthday (and raising money from you to boot) Sen Rand Paul says Sen. Ted Cruz wants it both ways, but saves his worst criticism for Rubio: I Can Still Work With Cruz In the Senate, Not So Much With Rubio. Number of views of ‘Cali’ at library: zeroPaul Sorvino, when he was making the film: “I’m an artist trying to do a beautiful thing and trying to combine it with a beautiful city that I’m so fond of,” and when he couldn’t distribute the film, blaming local media for bad press: “I’m so sorry I ever made the movie.

Ep 875 Hour 3: Gov Veto Wolf Going For The Record On PA Budget

Gov. Wolf went into the weekend claiming he had the votes on the Budget. He didn’t. He also couldn’t get a single vote from Dems in the Houseon watered-down Pension Reform. Sen. Majority Leader Jake Corman on PA State Budget: “The whole House Democratic caucus abandoned the governor. I’ve never seen that happen. And half of the Republican caucus abandoned their leadership.” BernieSanders: “Absolutely a possibility” Clinton campaignaccessed Sanders’ data during breach.

Ep 875 Hour 2: You Can Act For America Today

Bill Leandri joined David in the studio to talk about Act For America. Wilkes-Barre man beaten over ‘misunderstanding of a Muslim greeting’Clinton spox translation on Hillary’s ISIS claim-> it’s not like Benghazi video. We learned our lesson! An ISIS Recruiting Video has Surfaced, Look who They are Using (it’s NOT Donald Trump) Sen. McConnell, endorses Rand Paul: “I want to stay out of the Prez race”

Ep 875 Hour 1: Washington Cartel

Is "Chuck” Schumer Trolling GOP Leaderson Spending Bill By Democrats Success? Nancy Too? How bad is it? Omnibus Bill Nixes School Choice; Congress Continues to Send Children to Elite Private SchoolsGov. Wolf went into the weekend full of bluster again, claiming he had the votes on the Budget. He didn’t. He also couldn’t get a single vote from Dems in the Houseon Pension Cover-up. Sen. Majority Leader Jake Corman on PA State Budget: “The whole House Democratic caucus abandoned the governor.

Ep 874 Hour 3: Was AG Kane Of Arc Part Of The Porn Email Ring?

Congressman Lou Barletta on the Fed Tax dealwith year-end goodies for NASCAR tracks, racehorses, college students. POLITICO says conservatives hate the deal, but respect Speaker Ryan’s process. WBS Knights Coach Tom Kowal talking about Saturday night’s game and The Puck Stops Here Harley Davidson giveaway. Prosecutor: AG Kane of Arc, sister received emails with objectionable content, allegations confirmed by Kane of Arc while being denied in email release.